Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning is the core service we provide for individuals and families seeking to build, preserve, and manage their wealth over time. Portfolio management, retirement planning, risk management, long-term care planning, education planning, estate planning, charitable giving, business transitions, and generational transfers are all components of your personalized wealth plan. The amount we explore each component in your personalized plan depends on your current life situation, dreams, and goals.

We take a five step approach in developing an aligned wealth plan for our clients.


We begin our process through an in-depth in person/or webex discussion to explore, identify, and discuss your values and life goals.


After we analyze and assess your current financial situation, we educate you on the marketplace and potential strategies that can help you meet your objectives. As part of this process we develop a risk-based asset allocation strategy in an effort to help you maximize returns and minimize risk and volatility. We also look at what if scenarios that stress test your goals and help you understand the implications of different choices…will they work?


We share all our findings with you and work with you to select the strategies you feel most comfortable with as we develop a financial plan aligned with your vision for the future.

Implementation & Monitoring

Once you feel good about the plan, we will implement your plan, and continually monitor your plan to make sure everything is on track.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support and counseling to you in the form of regular meetings, consistent updates, and check-in calls. In addition to our meetings and calls, you will receive trade notifications, weekly market commentary, monthly commentary, quarterly investment videos, and access to online viewing of your investment accounts and performance.