X Wealth & Wellness: Live Life Abundantly
Posted on September 14, 2018

Wealth & Wellness: Live Life Abundantly


For the past year I have felt called to write a blog that comes out of who I am as a person both professionally and personally. I am a Mom, wealth adviser, and Ayurvedic practitioner. I am passionate about helping others cultivate healthy relationships in their lives. Through blogging and writing a newsletter I hope to bring awareness and understanding to some of those areas that I have studied in a great deal such as finance, nutrition, and healthy living. I find that the more I bring awareness and understanding to an area of my life, the more I am able to create positive shifts. I believe that understanding how we connect and relate to different aspects of our life is vital in helping us move through life with more ease, connection, and abundance.

Using my knowledge from finance, Ayurveda, and public health I want to explore with you, and the other amazing people I know, the relationships we have to wealth and wellness. The intertwined relationship between the inner and practical aspects of feeling abundant in one’s life is what inspires me as a financial planner and what underlies the purpose of this blog, Wealth & Wellness. I hope to help people develop not only a healthy practical relationship with money, but to feel healthy, abundant and free. I am so incredibly excited to get started and would love your feedback, comments, and questions as I start this endeavor.

Love and blessings,

Kerry Meath-Sinkin