NOURISH: Six Weeks of Learning & Practicing Together

We are in the middle of a lot right now, and it’s hard for many of us in a myriad of ways.  There are things that can help but it is hard to know where to start and even looking can become overwhelming in an overwhelming time.  I feel fortunate in my life to have encountered amazing people and practices that focus on nourishing oneself to improve the quality of one’s life.  There is nothing better than finding something to share with people you care about that ends up making a difference to improve their life.   I always want to help but now more than ever it is important that we take steps to care for ourselves and I wanted to bring together ideas and people that could help those I care about.  Yes I am talking about you. 

I decided to create an experiential 6 week series designed to help you not only learn valuable wellness tips, but also get in your bodies and practice them live!  There is so much passive intake of information from screens I want to at least try to interact and help people find ways back to their bodies and out of the screen, even if we have to use a screen to do it!

Together over six weeks we are going to bring in nationally recognized educators to explore health strategies, proven anxiety reduction strategies, meditation practices, qi-gong practices, yoga, and healthy cooking.

I am excited to share this with you and hold a sincere wish that there will be at least one piece that will make your life better. Share this with those you care about because they might benefit too and we are all in this together!

Please feel free to reach out to me, Kerry Meath-Sinkin, directly with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you soon!




NOURISH Series Details:


Tuesdays from 11-12 CST

October 6th through November 17th: 


Click here to register

*We will not have a session on November 3rd due to the elections. 

*While we encourage you to join live, because you will have direct access to ask questions of our presenters, we will send out a recording and additional resources after the call.


What You’ll Encounter During These Six Weeks: 

Food is medicine: We will cook a meal together and explore ways to use your pantry as a way to nourish yourself.

Meditation: Anyone can take some time to slow down and connect more deeply with themselves and their awareness.

Proven strategies to reduce your anxiety: We’ll explore some of the science behind anxiety, and proven strategies to support yourself when life gets overwhelming.

Movement to get in your body: We’ll explore some easy movement routines (yoga & qi-gong) that anyone can do to help boost their immune system. 


About the Presenters

Kerry Meath-Sinkin CFP® AIF® MPH C.Ayur

As you may know there is an integral connection between your wealth and your health. Our goal with wealth planning is to help you reduce your financial stress, so that you can sleep better, feel more at ease, and live a more nourishing life. However, I thought this was a particularly important time to take off my CFP® professional hat for a minute, and help you nourish yourself on the health side. In addition to my work as a partner and wealth advisor with the firm, I also hold a Master’s in Public Health and graduate certificate in Ayurvedic medicine. I have been teaching medical students, doctors, and therapists lifestyle and wellness practices for over a decade and really love bringing this to you. I will lead off the first session, and be joined by the following national experts during our series together. 

Click here to read more about Kerry.

Elizabeth Johnson

Chef-owner Elizabeth Johnson is the mastermind behind Pharm Table, arguably the only anti-inflammatory restaurant of its kind. We can speak from experience on this one! Referred to as a “Food as Medicine Guru” by the James Beard Foundation, Chef Elizabeth has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Conscious Company Magazine, Edible San Antonio, San Antonio Express News, The Current, San Antonio Woman, La Presse, Toronto Star, San Antonio Magazine, National Restaurant Association Magazine, as well as nationally televised programs like Simply Ming, The Travel Channel and 60 Minutes.

Genevieve Yellin

Genevieve Yellin founded Overcome Anxiety clinics over a decade ago. In her program she has developed a step by step protocol using natural techniques to help thousands of individuals overcome their anxiety; GAD, Panic Disorder, PTSD. Her step by step process has since been researched at universities nationwide, with very positive outcomes. She is also the Director of Sundara Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and parent organization of TIYTTM Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy training designed for physicians, and therapists to deliver her step by step process to their patients.

Edwin & Myoshin Kelley

Edwin & Myoshin Kelley have been studying and practicing meditation since 1975. While they have lived all over the world, they moved to the twin cities in 2009 to help establish the global Tergar Meditation Community. They are truly incredible teachers of meditation, and able to break down meditation and mindfulness in a way that feels accessible and inviting to anyone!

Patrick Meath

Patrick Meath is a Chinese Medical Doctor in the Czech Republic. He currently runs a successful medical clinic outside of Prague. Yes, he is my brother. But in addition to being a great Chinese medical doctor, is also a wealth of knowledge around how we can use herbs and simple daily practices to improve our health.

Quiana Grace Frost

Quiana Grace Frost has been teaching yoga and served as a bodyworker for over 39 years helping her students and clients to honor their bodies and to awaken both their inner vitality and peace. She integrates asana, breath, and deep relaxation as she guides her students through gentle movement with compassion and grace. Quiana holds both RYT-500 and E-RYT Yoga Alliance Certifications and teaches for the Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) in Northern California. In her work as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and professional Co-Active Life Coach, she supports her clients to move beyond the energetic limitations they encounter, so they may find a path of ease, clarity and fulfillment their lives.


Elizabeth Johnson, Pharm Table, Genevieve Yellin, Overcome Anxiety Clinic, Edwin & Myoshin Kelley, Patrick Meath, and Quiana Grace Frost are not affiliated with Cetera Advisors Networks LLC, or CWM, LLC. Opinions expressed by the presenter may not be representative of Cetera Advisors Networks LLC, or CWM, LLC.


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