Posted on November 27, 2020

Nourish Series: Nourishment Through Food


It can be easy to push personal nourishment aside, but now more than ever it’s essential that we make the time so we can keep ourselves healthy and more able to positively impact our communities.

During this session we our joined by Chef Elizabeth Johnson who shares with us how we can bring nourishment into our body through food. Chef-owner Elizabeth Johnson is the mastermind behind Pharm Table, arguably the only anti-inflammatory restaurant of its kind. We can speak from experience on this one! Referred to as a “Food as Medicine Guru” by the James Beard Foundation, Chef Elizabeth has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Conscious Company Magazine, Edible San Antonio, San Antonio Express News, The Current, San Antonio Woman, La Presse, Toronto Star, San Antonio Magazine, National Restaurant Association Magazine, as well as nationally televised programs like Simply Ming, The Travel Channel and 60 Minutes. Together we made a delicious squash moqueca stew, chocolate date shake, and learned about some special digestive teas and meal starters. We hope you enjoy and take away one or two new tips!



Thank you again, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Kerry Meath-Sinkin


Partner & Wealth Advisor



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