How Meath Wealth Advisors is Utilizing Technology to Help You – Exciting New Changes

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Smart devices and smart technology are everywhere. As technology evolves, we continually think about tools that we can employ to improve your customer experience through technology, without losing sight of the value we place on our personal interactions with you. In light of that, we are doing our best to employ technology where it makes sense to save time, and improve the value you receive from us.

We wanted to share what we will be incorporating next, as you may notice this change even more than our previous changes.  Meath Wealth Advisors will now be using Calendly to assist you in scheduling meetings.  Click here if you want to see what this will look like.

Online Meeting Scheduling:

  • Why?  To give you more flexibility and efficiency in how you interact with our firm.  We will continue to prompt you to schedule your client review, but we also hope this helps alleviate the back and forth that is sometimes involved with scheduling meetings. It also gives you an opportunity to schedule quick phone calls and eliminate any back and forth with reaching one another.
  • How Will This Work? Moving forward you will notice that the bottom of our emails will have links that say, “schedule a meeting.” This will allow you to quickly and easily schedule a 15-30 minute phone/virtual meeting and your client review meeting.
  • Can I Still Call Your Office?  Of course, you are always welcome to call our office with any questions or help that you need!
  • Calendar Reminders – You will also have the option to add meetings to your calendar, and set reminder text messages or emails before our meetings.
  • Client Review Questions – You will also notice that you now have the option to answer your client review questions right on the page where you enter your meeting information, which will also hopefully streamline the process for you.
  • Website – You will also be able to schedule meetings through the client login page on our website.

During the last few years we have rolled out M Guidance, implemented virtual meetings, implemented summary notes and presentations (easily accessible anytime through the M Guidance vault), incorporated e-signatures where possible (we are working hard to use e-signatures for everything), improved your experience around tax season through the M Guidance vault (and links to external CPA’s) , Private Trust Service and improved our website and weekly correspondence. We hope you have enjoyed these changes.  If at any point we can improve, develop, or change anything for you around technology or any other areas of service, please let us know.

Over the next six months we are also aiming to implement a new streamlined client dashboard, so stayed tuned for more! The goal of this dashboard is to become an even more efficient way to view your accounts, review your goals, click to your custodial pages (TD Ameritrade, Pershing etc), and schedule meetings with us.  Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

Thank you again for your confidence in us! This is something we take very sincerely. We are incredibly grateful to get to work such an amazing group of people everyday.


Meath Wealth Advisors


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