Tips to Improve Your Day

Published by Kerry Meath-Sinkin

Your Daily Routine

“When the body adjusts to a daily routine and learns to count on it, the nervous system can relax.”

~Dr. Claudia Welch

The most important part of a routine is to do at least a few things at the same time every day.

Here are some suggestions to get started!

  1. Wake up with the sun and make a positive intention
  2. Cleanse: brush teeth, cleanse face, rinse eyes
  3. Warm Water with lemon: See my previous post for more information on this.
  4. Warm oil massage: Applying warm oil on the body is a great way to calm the mind, nourish the heart, strengthen the body, and gently detox. Check out the following blog post to learn more.
  5. Yoga/Meditation/Breathwork:
  6. Warm Breakfast
  7. Lunch: Large lunch between 10-2. Sit down and chew your food!
  8. Light Supper: Ideally eaten before 6:00 pm.
  9. Sleep: Ideally try to get to sleep before 10:00. Add an evening routine if sleep is difficult.

A few simple suggestions include:

  • get off devices at least 1 hour before bed,
  • warm herbal tea (sleepytime, chamomile, rose, etc.)
  • warm epsom salt bath
  • easy reading
  • restorative yoga asana.

Good luck and have fun as you feel more relaxed and energized in your day!



Kerry Meath-Sinkin is a registered investment advisor and financial planner based in Minneapolis. She graduated with honors from Brown, and works with clients not only in the Twin Cities, but nationwide. Kerry believes in a holistic approach to finance.  She works with her clients to develop a practical plan with their finances, while also working on their inner relationship with money. Together, these aspects allow clients to feel healthy, abundant, and free. Kerry also has a passion for healthy living, is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, and public health educator. Click here to learn more about Kerry.

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