The Advantages of Goal Based Planning

Published by Robert Meath

Over the last two weeks the markets have experienced increased volatility and what some may view as a correction. This comes after 2017 when the markets experienced the least volatile year on record. Perhaps, we got a little spoiled. Where as you can never predict the timing of a correction we were overdue, and we made it a point to discuss this with you during many of our meetings.

Increased volatility certainly brings uncertainty.However, at times like this the advantages of our wealth management process and goal based planning becomes very apparent.

A core part of our process is aligning your wealth and resources with your most important goals.

For example, if you’re retired or close to retirement, we have designed a retirement income strategy that has a very high confidence factor and is not as dependent on “the market” in the short term.

For your longer term goals, we aim to invest more aggressively to receive higher returns, but we also understand that will experience more volatility. Our planning allows for this, which helps us feel more comfortable, when we do experience volatility.

By aligning your investment strategies with an appropriate time frame, and educating you about that process, we find our clients are able to feel more comfortable, especially at times of market volatility. You know you are “okay” during these times.

Please find a link here to view some thoughts on the market from our Chief Financial Officer. As always if you have questions or concerns please call.


Robert Meath is a wealth advisor and founder at Meath Wealth Advisors based in Minneapolis. Robert has over 35 years of experience. He draws from this extensive experience of diverse market landscapes and relies on his analytical acumen and robust grasp of the markets to support the firm’s investment strategies. He has developed a personal style to guide individuals, families, and businesses through the firms holistic wealth management process. Click here to learn more about Bob.



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