Holistic Wealth Management


This helps allow you to have clarity, feel at ease, and make an impact in every stage of your life. We don’t believe that we can effectively help you with one area of your planning, without understanding the whole picture. Each stage of your life is different and therefore each stage of your financial planning requires something different. Our holistic process helps you stay on top of those important decisions, and helps you make strategic tradeoff decisions as your life changes.

Our M Guidance Planning Process covers the key areas of your financial life.

Your fiduciary advisor serves as your personal financial coach and as a conduit to your entire team of specialists. When you meet with us, we pull in other members of the team as needed – custom fit to your needs.

We Take a Multi-Step Approach in Developing an Aligned Wealth Plan for Our Clients

Your wealth management team at Meath Wealth is led by a CFPⓇ professional and backed up by a team of other highly-qualified professionals — CFPs, CPAs, CFAs, attorneys, and other specialists.

  • Introduction
  • Discovery
  • Data Gathering
  • Proposal
  • Implementation


From the moment you schedule a consultation, our team goes to work for you – connecting you with an advisor suited to handle your unique needs. When it comes to first impressions, don’t settle for a handshake.


You begin your planning process through an in-depth discussion to explore, identify, and discuss your values and life goals. Sharing who you are and what your financial stressors are, what financial worries keep you up at night, what your current financial literacy is, where you want to make changes, and what is primary for you currently is the core of discovery. Are there certain areas where we can make an immediate impact for you, and are there other areas you can continue to build over time?

Data Gathering

Here we get down to the details. We consolidate your financial landscape into a single place, and then bring your information into our wealth forecasting, risk analysis, portfolio review, insurance review, estate review, tax review, and retirement planning process. Now you can see what is working and what isn’t, and we help you understand why.


What should you keep or change? What have you been doing that’s been working, and where can we bring you new strategies or ideas to improve your plan. This becomes a dynamic relationship that we keep refining over time as life continues to change. It goes back to how we can help you live with more clarity, it’s by building a strong base that you understand.


Once you feel good about the plan, we bring it to life. We take care of investing and monitoring your plan. We provide ongoing support and counseling to you in the form of regular meetings, consistent updates, and check-in calls. This is how we build upon your plan, go deeper, and continue to help you have clarity and ease. The economic and political landscape is constantly changing, which means your investing and planning also need to adapt. When you are clear about your time frame and how your plan addresses different points of your life, you are more equipped to feel at ease throughout the cyclical and increasingly volatile markets.

30 Day Check-In

You can be as involved in your wealth plan as you’d like thanks to the Carson Client Experience. The portal lets you access all your accounts in one place, so you can easily view your plan and track your progress.

90 Day Check-In

Once your wealth plan is in motion, we meet with you annually to check in on your goals, evaluate your plan, and make sure your money is working in your best interest. Having a plan is a start – but we help ensure that the plan is in motion and stays in motion.

Yearly Check-In

Early retirement? European vacation? No matter what your idea of “true wealth” is, we will help you develop a personalized wealth plan to help you pursue your goals.

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