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  • Market Commentary: Fed Committed to Near-Zero Rates, S&P Dips

    Posted on June 15, 2020

    The S&P 500 dropped 4.7% last week on concerns the uptick in new coronavirus cases would persist and slow the economic rally. The surprising job growth reported two weeks ago suggested the economy was rallying more quickly than expected and boosted investor optimism. But the recent uptick in cases and hospitalizations in some states caused investors to ratchet back their expectations for how fast the economy will recover.

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  • How Social Security Fits into Your Retirement Plan

    Posted on June 10, 2020

    There are a lot of factors that play into when to claim Social Security benefits. How long should you wait? How is your health? What other retirement income do you have? What are the tax consequences? Click Here to Watch the Webinar

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  • Roth Planning Opportunities in 2020

    Posted on May 22, 2020

    Tax brackets are positioned well, interest rates are favorable and RMDs are on hold. So you’re probably asking yourself if now is a good time to convert your IRA into a Roth account. In this webinar, we look at the advantages of a Roth conversion in a down market and how you can save big on taxes down the road by investing in a conversion now. The CARES Act, the SECURE Act and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are all affecting this part of retirement finances, and the benefits they offer won’t last forever. Click Here to Watch the…read the full article

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  • RMD Planning in 2020 After the CARES and SECURE Acts

    Posted on May 8, 2020

    Have you considered skipping your required minimum distributions (RMDs) in 2020? The CARES Act – a relief package passed as the coronavirus pandemic shakes the economy – gives you that opportunity. Before you waive your RMDs, you need to know what you stand to gain and how the CARES Act and another piece of landmark retirement legislation, the SECURE Act, play together. Click Here to Watch the Webinar

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  • Retirement Planning in 2020: Making the CARES Act Work for You

    Posted on April 27, 2020

    When the market is volatile, you might feel like there’s a question mark hanging over your retirement plan. Add in new legislation, a global pandemic and rising unemployment rates, and that question mark might loom even larger. We want to help you navigate this tricky time with confidence, so we put together a webinar that covers everything related to retirement planning, now that the CARES Act is in effect. Click Here to Watch the Webinar

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  • Roth Conversions and Tax-Loss Harvesting: 2 Strategies to Leverage in a Down Market

    Posted on April 23, 2020

    You’ll be tempted to make rash decisions, and if panic rules the day, you’ll likely regret your choices. As any wise financial advisor will counsel you, it’s important to think long-term. Lean into your financial plan, not away from it.

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  • Everything Business Owners Need to Know About the CARES Act

    Posted on April 14, 2020

    These are unprecedented times to be a business owner, and the government has stepped in to provide support through the CARES Act. But navigating the complexities of the new law isn’t simple. Learn more in our “Everything Business Owners Need to Know About the CARES Act” webinar. Click Here to Watch the Webinar

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  • CARES Act – Important Updates to Your 2020 RMD

    Posted on April 13, 2020

      The CARES Act provides numerous provisions that relate to retirement plans – aimed at helping those being impacted financially by coronavirus. One important provision that may apply to you is that requirement minimum distributions (RMDs) from defined contribution plans and IRAs for 2020 are suspended. Watch our video to learn more about how this applies to you.

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  • Four Ways the CARES Act Can Help Your Business

    Posted on April 9, 2020

    From loans to tax breaks to credits, the CARES Act attempts to provide relief to small- and medium-sized businesses. As unemployment numbers reach an all-time high, the government is looking for ways to keep Americans employed by helping employers meet payroll.

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  • Market Commentary: Unemployment Rises, China’s Recovering Economy

    Posted on April 6, 2020

    The measures slowing the spread of the coronavirus are dealing severe challenges to the U.S. job market. Social distancing has proven difficult for day cares and dentists, restaurants and retail. As the accompanying chart shows, last week, 6.6 million workers filled for new unemployment benefits.

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